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David W Cobb

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Welcome to Treespeech Music, the website of David W Cobb; musician, ethnomusicologist, composer, arranger, lyricist, poet, author,  visual artist, and filmmaker. David’s latest album, Bright, Quiet Things, won a 2022 Global Music Award​ and high praise from musicians and listeners alike. Written as a set of art songs for guitar and voice, this is intimate and expansive music, inspired by memory and love, nature and adventure, that balances the instrumental and the vocal in a unique way.

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“Bright, Quiet Things is a wellspring of warmth. These songs wrap you up in a forest of swelling harmonies and intricate guitar work.” Aaron, Audio Engineer, CA


“Really taken by this album, I listened to it while taking a walk and it was such a perfect (and at times, emotional) soundtrack. Thank you for this.” Jim, Guitarist, IL 


“Oh my God, I’m in love with this music!” Felicia, Ethnomusicologist, WA

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