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About David W. Cobb

Musician, Ethnomusicologist, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Poet, Author,  Visual Artist, Filmmaker.


Nature and imagination have always been at the heart of David’s compositional style, and his interest in and study of world music continues to influence his sound and approach to composition. His main goal as a composer is to evoke mood, for it is in mood that a new world is created for the listener and the performer; a world in which they can lose themselves to emotion, step out of their lives for those few moments. It is in those moments that we all connect to something else; our shared human experience. Those sentiments are reflected on his recent solo album, Bright, Quiet Things, a collection of art songs for guitar and voice. David is an adjunct professor of music and applied jazz bass at Palm Beach State College, FL. 



2018     Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. Master of Music in Musicology (Ethnomusicology) 


David W. Cobb. (2018) Duende: Illuminating the Unstranslatable. Unpublished Master’s Thesis, Florida State University.


2002     University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. Bachelor of Arts in Music (Theory/Composition) Applied Instrument: Classical Guitar


Selected Discography

2022   David W Cobb. Bright, Quiet Things. Lake Worth, FL: Treespeech Music.

                   Producer, Writer, Performer, Engineer, Album Art and Design

2021   Ariel Ramirez, Willard Kesling, Corey Evans, Jose Valentino, UF Choir &                      Orchestra, and UF Latin American Music Collective. Ramirez Reimagined:                  Missa Criolla Y Navidad Nuestra. Gainesville, FL: JV Music Enterprises.


2021   Maharajah Flamenco Trio. Felices Días (Full Album). Gainesville, FL: MFT                    Productions.

                   Co-Producer, Co-writer, Performer, Session Engineer, Orchestral                                 Arrangements.

2021   Maharajah Flamenco Trio. Felices Días EP. Gainesville, FL: MFT Productions.

                   Co-Producer, Co-writer, Performer, Session Engineer, Orchestral                                 Arrangements.

2016   Danny Bedrosian. My Oldest Friend. Tallahassee, FL: Bozfonk Moosick.

                   Session Engineer

2015   Ishan Cooper. Coop DeVille Presents: Bat-Funk Crazy…In 3D. Melbourne,                  AU: Block Rockin Music.

                   Session Engineer

2015   Danny Bedrosian. Piano Improvariations. Tallahassee, FL: Bozfonk Moosick.

                   Session Engineer

2015   Space Bugs. Party of the P-Brains. Rome, IT: Bozfonk Moosick.

                   Session Engineer

2015   Joe Patton. Take Me With You. Tallahassee, FL: Self-Published.

                   Producer, Performer, Arranger, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

2014   Omnimusica. Ashrei. Tallahassee, FL: Self-Published.

                   Composer, Performer

2014   Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army. Endangered. Tallahassee, FL: Bozfonk                      Moosick.

                   Session Engineer

2013   Maharajah Flamenco Trio. Encuentro. Tallahassee, FL: Self-Published.

                   Co-Producer, Co-writer, Performer

2013   Nick Groff Presents: Less-On. Drinks on Me. Boston: Groff Entertainment.

                   Session Engineer

2013   John Paul Pax. Catholic Prayers and Readings with Cello. Tallahassee, FL:                  Self-Published.

                   Engineer, Photographer, Album Cover Design/Layout

2012   Cobb & O’Keefe. Spontaneous Creation. Tallahassee, FL: Self-Published.

                   Producer, Composer, Performer, Mixing Engineer

2012   Ian Edward Weir. Catch the Gold. Tallahassee, FL: Self-Published.


2012   Nick Groff. Spiritual Warfare: Good vs Evil. Boston: Groff Entertainment

                   Performer, Session Engineer

2012   Nick Groff. The Other Side. Boston: Groff Entertainment.

                   Session Engineer


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