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The cover to "A Concise Introduction to Guitar"

In 2015, after years of teaching one-on-one and group lessons, and a growing frustration with the design and organization of materials for beginning guitar, I set out to create a method book that progressed through the lessons in a logical way, building knowledge that moved beyond the mechanical. A Concise Introduction to Guitar became my standard text for teaching guitar classes and private lessons. 

This book is for the beginner, teaching proper mechanics, notation and tablature reading, harmony, and rhythm. Unlike the many methods available today, A Concise Introduction gives the student a solid background in music theory and reading, with exercises designed to master the notes of the first position whether written in notation or tablature. 

The table of contents for "A Concise Introduction to Guitar"

Each chapter contains a warmup for dexterity and a rhythm study.









The exercises are designed to maximize memorization of notes, both on the page and in the hand.


A sample page from "A Concise Introduction to Guitar"

The book contains pracical tips for effective playing and recognizing the patterns of guitar.






In addition to the many exercises, I composed several original pieces for A Concise Introduction for solo or ensemble style-playing.

A sample tip from "A Concise Introduction to Guitar"
An excerpt of "The Sands of Carthage" from "A Concise Introduction to Guitar"


66 spiral-bound pages

Heavy, unglossed paper

Cost: $15 + shipping

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