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Sights and Sounds



2017 Invisible Voices: Meditations on Guqin with Deng Haiqiong Directed by David W Cobb

In 2017, I had the opportunity to make a short film about a fascinating instrument played by a remarkable musician. Haiqiong has a sensitivity, subtlety, and facility on the guqin that results in the spellbinding music of this ancient Chinese instrument. Long a scholar's device, the guqin's soft voice suits a quiet room. The connection between Chinese artistic culture and nature is long-standing and well-documented. With these things in mind, I set out to create an impression of being alone in nature, contemplating and cultivating in solitude.  

2017 Dariya  Maharajah Flamenco Trio; Directed by Ash Von Chamier, Produced by Rough Cut Productions

In Farsi, the language of Iran, "Dariya," means the sea. This original composition by Silviu Ciulei and Maharajah Flamenco Trio, was released on the album Encuentro, and the video for the track was the result of a collaboration between the trio and filmmaker Ash Von Chamier. Ash's vision for the story was inspired by the sea, and the beautiful shots of giant dunes at Cape San Blas, FL provided a stunning backdrop to his story of magic and escape. 

2016 Funkentelechy  George Clinton and Omnimusica; Filmed and Edited by Ian Edward Weir

Originally released on the 1977 album Funkentelechy vs the Placebo Syndrome, this video of "Funkentelechy" was filmed by Ian Weir at the 20th Rainbow Concert, a show featuring all of the university's world music ensembles. The nine piece Omnimusica, the school's elite world fusion group, under the direction of P Funk keyboardist Danny Bedrosian, provided the sonic tapestry for Mr. Clinton's performance. 

2020 Inspector D Bass Intro From Maharajah Flamenco Trio's album, Encuentro.

2016 My Country Life/Cop This/Clam Dunk  Danny Bedrosian & Somn Fierce

This live performance of the Gradstock Concert Series was broadcast on WFSU-TV Local Routes Program as part of the American Graduate Initiative. Bakari Hines on kit.

2017 Agogo  Roee Bin Sera Trio

The 21st Annual Rainbow Concert featured Israeli musician and composer Roee Bin Sera. A student of Brazilian choro, Roee led the univesity's Brazilian Ensemble. Here, he performs his tune Agogo with myself and Dr. Michael Bakan. 

2014 Pierre Le Renard Apalachee Trio

My composition Pierre Le Renard (Pierre the Fox) is one of several character sketches done in a jazz idiom. This particular fellow is a Parisian cat burglar and all around mysterious rogue. The trio consists of Sean Gorman on double bass and John O'Keefe on cello. 


2013 Kirkni Serinoush David W. Cobb

Inspired by the music of the Balkans, this composition, sung in Armenian, appears on the Omnimusica album, Ashrei.

2012 Hidden in the Dust Cobb & O'Keefe

From the Album, Spontaneous Creation.

2013 Inspector D Maharajah Flamenco Trio 

Named after me, this track appears on the album Encuentro, and features a bass introduction using expanded technique.

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