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OEDITUS REX offers a combination of line and copy editing services for professionals, students (including non-native English speakers), and writers. Don't know the difference between the two? Click here.

Editing services at OEDITUS REX focus on grammar, spelling, and typos. We offer a second set of eyes for a detailed final check of your manuscript before you hit SEND. For a more involved look, we will go through your manuscript with a fine-toothed comb, looking at language, tone, grammar, and unity of concept, all with regards to your intended audience.  You will receive our suggested edits with detailed explanations of how your manuscript has been improved, helping you learn to become a more effective writer.

We specialize in academic writing, but can also help the budding novelist or the grant writer alike. Contact OEDITUS REX for your editing needs.

For a free quote, email

Services payable through Paypal

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