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Maharajah Flamenco Trio: Daring, high-energy Flamenco Nuevo. This is the bass project I've been waiting for. The music is rhythmic, exotic, and challenges me in a way that is very satisfying. Plus, I've got two of the best men ever born as bandmates.




Apalachee Ensemble: A jazzy combo that is more than jazz. Duke Ellington takes a walk with Bela Bartok and they meet Fela Kuti. This project began as a writing ensemble. Playing with AE was my first real study of jazz guitar.

Danny Bedrosian and Som’n Fierce: The southeast version of keyboard virtuoso Danny Bedrosian’s (George Clinton and P-Funk, Secret Army) other, other band, featuring his genre-bending funk. Playing with this cat has been a real eye-opener. He is a visionary bandleader with an impeccable ear, monstrous skill, and has opened my mind to the hidden and deep elasticity of the groove.

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